Q:  How can I schedule an appointment with you?

A:  The best way is to email me at ginaiaciofano@gmail.com

Q:  How can therapy help me?

A:  Therapy can help you to:

  • learn new, healthier strategies to manage your problems and/or symptoms more effectively
  • increase your problem solving skills
  • improve your listening and communication skills
  • strengthen your relationships
  • process difficult or traumatic events
  • develop a better understanding of yourself and others
  • adjust to life changes

Q:  What’s therapy like?

A:  Our first session together will be an “assessment,” and it’s about 60 minutes long.  I will ask lots of questions in an effort to get to know you, and we’ll talk about the things that you’re hoping I can be most helpful with.  Any future appointments after that will be closer to 45 minutes in length, and that’s where we start to work toward making improvements in your life. Our sessions will be conversational and designed to help you feel open and at ease.

Q:  Is therapy confidential?

A:  In general, communication between a client and their counselor is confidential, and a counselor cannot disclose any of your protected health information without your written consent (or the written consent of a parent/guardian for clients under the age of 18).  However, there are some exceptions to this rule.  They are as follows:

  • A client informs their counselor of – or the counselor suspects – child abuse/neglect, dependent adult abuse/neglect, or elder abuse/neglect.  The counselor is mandated by law to report these instances to authorities and/or social services.
  • A client makes a serious threat to inflict bodily harm to another person.  The counselor is mandated by law to report these threats to authorities immediately.
  • A client makes a serious threat to inflict harm to themselves.  The counselor will make every effort to diffuse this crisis situation, but family members and/or authorities will be notified if the client cannot contract for safety.
  • A counselor has been subpoenaed to court.
  • Processing a claim with the client’s insurance company.

Q:  Do you accept insurance?

A:  Yes.  I accept:

  • Blue Cross
  • United Healthcare
  • Aetna

Have more questions?  Email me at ginaiaciofano@gmail.com